While I cloth diapered my first child, I never felt comfortable putting petroleum on her tender bottom, which is essentially what the petroleum based gel that everyone uses is, in my opinion. So, I never put any barrier cream on her, which is not all unusual for a cloth diapered baby, as they have very few diaper rashes.

With the birth of my son, four years later, I have found many new alternatives out there. And by far, my favourite, is the Live Clean non-petroleum jelly.

When I first bought it, my DH gave me his usual arguments- stating there was nothing wrong with his huge tub of petroleum gel. But then he tried it on Rafi and loved it. We don’t use it often, but feel very good about putting this product on his tender bottom when he does get a little red. We have since purchased their diaper ointment too.

For bathing, I was given a free bottle of lavender baby wash, the commercial one that everyone buys, with the matching cream- apparently proven to help baby sleep better. I used it once and gagged to the point of almost vomiting. Yes, it is true, that we are a green family and are not used to the mainstream chemicals anymore. But when I put a drop in the baby bath, I could not believe how strong the smell was- and the same holds true for the cream. I have since bought the Live Clean baby bath and love it. As all of their products are, it is free of pthalates and paraben, which have been proven to be harmful substances. It is super silky and odour free.

With all of the new information out there on BPA, pthalates and paraben, I urge you to be diligent- as these may be hidden under the tern fragrance. Why not try an alternative? You have nothing to lose as they have a money back guarantee. I bought mine at the local supermarket for under 4 dollars- a great bargain for my family if you ask me!

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