Diaper Laundry Recommendations

  • Do not soak diapers. Keep in a pail and wash every 3 days.
  • For heavily soiled diapers, do a prewash on warm.
  • Laundry should be done on warm (if not too soiled, could use cold cycle but might  not get all the stains out).  Hot cycles will set the stains.
  • Dry on low to medium heat. Air dry as much as possible for our planet. In winter, drying diapers add moisture to the air. In summer, the sun is great for getting stains out.
  • Use the minimum amount of detergent, for both baby and the planet. Please be careful with eco-friendly soaps, as they are very strong and can burn tender bottoms.  I have used many different soaps and have my favourite brand. If your baby has had sensitivity issues, let me know and I will send you a sample of my favourite washing soda, that you can try for free, and then buy it yourself locally.
  • Never use fabric softeners, in the wash or in the dryer. If static is an issue for you, purchase a green, all natural and reusable dryer sheet.

Pads Laundry Recommendations

  • Keep your pads in a bag (see my wet bags) and after three days, just open the bag and throw in a wash.
  • Do a prewash on warm first, to get most of the liquid out. If using for very low flow days or dry days, no need to prewash. Please be careful with detergents (see above).

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